A service for women run by women offering support to women and girls who have been raped or sexually abused at sometime in their lives.

Face to face support can also be accessed by phoning our helpline.


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Western Isles Rape Crisis Centre

*Western Isles Rape Crisis Centre offers workshops to any woman who feels she would benefit from relaxation workshops, self esteem & self confidence workshops. There are also various other workshops aimed at adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

  • We also have good library resources for any woman or young women who have been sexually assaulted or are survivors of Childhood sexual abuse.
  • We also have books for parents whose child has been abused, we offer support to any parent whose child has been abused BUT we do not work with children.
  • The above is in addition to the work we already offer which is face to face support, telephone support including outreach support to any woman or young woman from the Butt to Barra whose life has /is affected by rape or sexual abuse including adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
  • We also offer training and awareness talks to statutory/voluntary agencies or any interested group relating to the above.
  • If you identify as a woman we can offer outreach, or telephone support, further information.

*The Western Isles is also known as the Outer Hebrides this island chain is located off the west coast of Scotland, the main islands are Lewis, Harris, Uist and Bernera.

Contact Details

Western Isles Rape Crisis Centre
74 Kenneth Street
Isle of Lewis

Telephone: Office: 01851 709965
Reg Scottish Charity: SC037062


HELPLINE: 01851 709965
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Freephone 08088 01 03 02

National Helpline opening hours
6.00pm - 12.00pm daily

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